08 May 2008

Glory DAY

So the producers of Glory Days, that musical by a coupla 23 years olds about the major life changes that happen after 1 year of college, decided that Opening Night would also be its last performance. As much as I knew this was an ill-fated venture from the get go, closing on opening night puts it up there with Moose Murders, and I really didn't expect it to be THAT bad.

Though the reviews were uniformly negative, they were generally kind, or at least diplomatic, to these poor child-authors (who never really asked for their little show to be blown up and thrown in front of New York critics and audiences who, deservedly, simply expect more than what these guys have to offer). Ben Brantley's assesment of the evening and its shortcomings is really masterful.

Director Eric Schaeffer, Artistic Director of the Signature Theater in DC where Glory Days premiered, should--and probably will--take the rap for this. I get the impression that he's somewhat of an egomaniac, eager to be a Big Deal in NYC. Well, he's certainly getting his name in a lot a papers with this one.

Hubris, Mr. Schaeffer, is not becoming on you. And trust me, if I were on you, I would not be coming either. Do not give this man $10 mil to do ANYTHING.

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