21 April 2008


There's an article in Today's NYTimes about a staged reading commemorating one of the most notorious flops in Broadway history....

...Moose Murders.

I didn't actually know that much about it, as it's not a musical and thus not covered in Not Since Carrie (which, by they way, everyone should read, because it's hilarious).

Thanks to our ability to search the NYTimes archive for FREE(!), I looked up Frank Rich's original pan of Moose Murders. The following is my favorite line from the review, describing the murder which happens at the end of Act I:

"Such is the comatose nature of the production that we're too busy trying to
guess which stiff on stage is the victim to worry about guessing the culprit."

That is undeniably witty writing. And I as much as anyone--if not more--love to see a stinkeroo get reamed in such a fashion. But sometimes the allure of wit prompts a reviewer to turn a mixed-to-negative review into an outright dismissal of works that shouldn't be so categorically ignored. But what if a nice review could also be funny? Maybe it could prevent some misdirected cruelty. So, in the coming days, I am going to attempt to write a witty, perhaps even sarcastic, rave review. Wish me luck!

oh, and here's a little bit of the Carrie musical no one believes could have actually happened...youtube used to have more, but someone must have taken them down. sigh.

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  1. What the hell did I just watch? Oh, my poor retinas.