20 April 2008

Madonna, Cher...Phantom?

Check out this new add for Broadway's long-distance champ The Phantom of the Opera:

Sure, everyone refers to it simply as "Phantom", but seriously? A poster? With just 1 word? That's only 20% of the original title. Jesus, it might as well have an exclamation point!

And, lest we forget, there actually is a musical titled Phantom. By Maury "Titanic (the Musical) Yeston". It's a weird show with a lot of dialogue. It tries to make the Phantom more of a person and includes a reunion with an estranged father (who had been taking care of him all long without fessing up to his contribution to the Phantom's gene pool). It has some nice songs though.

And lastly...am I going to VideoBlog?

hopefully not


  1. I remember ads from years ago that was just the mask. sooo.

  2. But that's the logo of that production...not the name of another show by different writer