27 April 2008

Que Sera Sera, and have a Doris Day.

After having a couple of those "gonna-move-to-Canada" days, and having heard it recently with friends, I decided to listen to Doris Day singing Que Sera Sera. And by "listen" I mean, "watch on YouTube". I mean, who defines Cock-Eyed Optimsim more than Doris Day? (Speaking of which, why wasn't she Nellie Forbush in the deathly boring South Pacific movie?)

Somehow I had forgotten, of fully comprehended, that "Que Sera Sera" was from a Hitchcock movie. At the time, Doris Day was a top recording and movie star (like Julia Roberts and Hannah Montana in one), and Hitchcock cast her in one of his thrillers, then used the obligatory tie-in single from Ms. Day as an eerie theatrical device. Homeboy knew what he was doing. So, although the song wasn't quite as inspiring as I perhaps hoped, I was intrigued and fascintated nonetheless.

Here's what I can give you as context, which is almost nothing: Doris Day is married to Jimmy Stewart. They have a son. She sings this song as with her son. Often. It's their "thing". Someone is after Doris and Jimmy. Doris is in fine voice.

For some less ironic musical theater fun, here's young Sara Jessica Parker during her Annie period (or lack thereof). She's NOT singing "Tomorrow".

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