23 April 2008

This Is Not Over Yet

No, I'm not talking about Andrew Lloyd Webber night on American Idol (though the thought did cross my mind, as a question, about halfway through Brooke White's tragic rendition of "You Must Love Me"...she's SO going home).

I'm talking about that other thing (fewer) Americans voted on last night, the Pennsylvania Democratic Primaries. Hillary won! Even though I personally support Obama, I am excited that the race continues. Why? Because:
  1. I don't believe this is a decision to be made lightly, nor should it be made without imput from the entire country. When the nominee is called before all (or, at least, most) of the states have voted, we as a party/country are doing ourselves a disservice. Those guys have to vote eventually, and that vote deserves to be fought for.
  2. While the Republicans decided to just take the winter/spring/summer off in the name of golf, I mean, gay sex scandals, I mean, Party Unity their ideals and platforms have likewise been resting in Texas, making only the occasional guest appearance on Deal or No Deal. Sure, the red-barons at outFOXedNews push their agenda in the "off-season", but us Democrats are big news ALL THE TIME, on ALL THE NETWORKS, and our ideals being hashed out under intense public scrutiny, the kind which can only lead to a stronger platform with greater support.
  3. The continued and, dare I say, historic contest between Clinton and Obama reminds me that the phrase "anything is possible" should have positive connotations, as opposed to: "Do you think the President will Bomb Iran/Amend the constitution to ban gay marriage/Choke to death on a Rold Gold Pretzel Twist in the Oval Office? Anything is Possible."
So have it, Hil and Bar. I'm not the one who's gonna say "Girls, you're both pretty".

PS: Here's a short clip of Norbert Leo Butz singing Jason Robert Brown's "This is Not Over Yet" from Parade. In addition the video's inherent merits regarding performer/material, if you stretch some gender pronouns, change the political identity of the singer throughout the clip, and only listen to every other word, it totally applies to the topic at hand.


  1. your blog is a bricolage of high brow intellectual pursuit and low brow entertainment. i hope i spelled bricolage wrong.

  2. sorry, you spelled it correctly. i looked it up.