14 May 2008

It Keeps Going and Going and Going...

Hillary made a decisive victory in West Virginia, which means she ain't down yet. Call me crazy, but this is fun.

Speaking of fun, and ain't being down, here is Tammy Grimes singing a strange version of "I Ain't Down Yet" (from The Unsinkable Molly Brown on The Ed Sullivan Show (courtesy of my favorite place on the web, bluegobo.com). The song is by Meredith "The Music Man" Wilson, and its sentiment can pretty much be inferred from the title. But Ms. Grimes kinda looks like Hil in this clip, and there's a strange sung-spoke section (which begins at 2m40s) that seems like it could be Ms. Clinton's interior monologue this morning.

Can you imagine living in a world where this is not only on prime time TV, but on one of TV's most popular shows? I mean, it begins with a lengthy kazoo solo...

Oddly enough, Ms. Grimes is a republican.

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