15 May 2008

Why STOP talking about Gyspy?

Here is a vintage feature from the NYTimes, chronically Tyne Daly's (mis)adventures on the road in a pre-Broadway tour of her 1989 bow as Momma Rose. Unlike all of Patti LuPone's interviews, which mainly consist of her being angry that she wasn't cast in everything ever, Daly is gracious and offers some great insight into the show, her role, and its evolution as it travels. Though she apparently didn't have the musical training to sing the role without ruining her voice, those who saw her have said she was magnificent. I can't really say that about LuPone--I feel like everyone is going ape-shit because it's fun to go ape-shit over Gypsy. Happy reading!

I linked to her performance of Rose's Turn in my last Gypsy post, so to mix it up, here's a vintage commercial from once it hit the Great White Way


  1. If you want to start a "I have always hated Patti Lupone Blog" I'll totally comment all over it.

  2. I feel like I kinda already have, and you kinda already do...