20 May 2008

Happy Eliza Doolittle Day!

There is a line in "Just You Wait" from My Fair Lady when the imaginary King of England says "Next week, on the twentieth of May, I proclaim Eliza Doolittle Day". So here I am, celebrating. Naturally, the first choice is "Just You Wait", even though it really isn't my favorite song from the show (is it anyone's?). Click Here to see a full version of the song (which includes the line about Eliza Doolittle Day), but the clip below is far more interesting. It features Julie Andrews, in a rehearsal-type setting. For whatever reason they cut to the movie version for a bit, but at the end Rex Harrison comes in and has a brief chat with Julie.

Next is Julie Andrews (and friends) performing "Wouldn't It Be Loverly" on the Ed Sullivan show. By the way, she's like 21 here. I know, kinda makes you hate her.

And, of course, one of the most Wonderful songs in Musical Theaterdom, I Could Have Danced All Night. I actually thought there would be tons of wonderful High School/College clips of this one...but turns out, this delicate number is pretty easy to fuck up. It's easy to overplay, but hard to fill all that music. There are tons of clips of some joker namedJamie Cullum singing a weird jazz-ska-pop version. There's also an okay clip from a Brazilian production, but I'm going to have to defer to the movie version on this one. Audrey Hepburn really does a fine job...of acting. (But seriously, she does) And Marnie Nixon's hidden vocals are also pretty great. Enjoy.

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