19 May 2008


1) I still don't know who is behind the brilliant Cubby Bernstein (see previous post), but part of me thinks it's actually a brilliant, toungue-in-cheek, viral marketing campaign for Xanadu. Even if that isn't the case, there really is much to admire in Xanadu. Not so much the material itself--though it is a LOT of fun, and I've enjoyed listening to it on my brandspankingnew iPod Shuffle--or even the fabulous performances, but the fact that 4 young producers are thinking outside of the box about how to get a show on Broadway. They had an idea, a crazy idea even, but they also had equally crazy ideas about how to make it work, including finding the right writer, director, and cast. If the Best Musical Tony award were to be thought of solely as a Producer's award, I would give it to these kids.

2) I saw a preview of SAVED, the new musical based on that movie with Mandy Moore and a wheelchair bound Culkin. It's probably poor form to speak in too much depth on a show still in previews, especially a musical, but I REALLY liked it. I would even go so far as to say I LOVED it. I found it very funny and moving and generally satisfying, well showing some very different relationships than are typically scene on the Musical Stage.

3) Um...the President of Gambia wants to behead all homosexuals found in his country. No, literally. Wow. Just...wow.

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