07 May 2008

The BEST Momma Rose

There's an article at Broadwaystars discussing the Mer-bashing in the program of the current Gypsy revival. But here is a clip (put on YouTube by some sort of angel) of Angela Lansbury as Rose. I think she puts Patti, Bernadette, Bette, and Tyne to shame (I'm not even going to mention the Rosiland Russell/Lisa Kirk hybrid performance). Angie sings it like no other, and acts it to kingdom come. It's easy to say Ethel Merman wasn't "an actor", but I'd like to hear Laurents say anything deragatory about this performance.

In this montage you get most of "Some People" (fabulous). Starting at 2m16s we get a bit of "Together Wherever We Go" (fine, would've rather seen something else, but I am loathe to complain...). Finally, at 4m25s, we get the end of "Rose's Turn" (absoutely haunting, a real, Musical Theater breakdown). I wonder if this clip implies there's more out there. I want it. I want it all. Enjoy.

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