17 January 2009

Sample from Shrek

This isn't anything exclusive (it's available at the Shrek website), but it's the only song available in any form until the cast recording comes out. I really like it, and feel it well respesents the tone of the show musically and lyrically. Subtle, tuneful, witty, but dramatically compact. The number is a bit of a montage which introduces us to the Princess Fiona. We see here as a young girl 23 days after arriving in the tower, then a teenager, then, finally, as her wonderful Suttony self. When I saw the show, Sutton was out and I saw her passable but generally bland replacement. Just listening to this number (which is farily evenly distributed amongst Leah Greenhaus, Marissa O'Donnell & Ms. Foster), I realize how much I missed by not seeing Sutton perform. I do appreciate, however, having a legitmate excuse to dismiss the idea of a savings account to see the show again.

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