14 January 2011

Move On.

I can't imagine many people will read this, as it's been over 6 months since I updated, but I suppose all writing-for-the-internet is done with the understanding the anyone could read it, but no one might.

Long story short, I have more or less abandoned "formal" blogging because a string of Stage Management gigs occupied the time and brainspace I would have otherwise devoted to this endeavor.  There was also a growing discomfort on my end with writing about theater while also working in the industry (even if at its outer perimeters).  Though I don't consider myself "important" enough either as a blogger or a theater professional  to be able to cite a true conflict of interest, I nonetheless don't really feel comfortable "publishing" my typically snarky thoughts about people who could conceivably become my peers/colleagues.  I had thought a solution would be to focus on the obscure/arcane, shows gone by, etc., but the time required to properly research that type of writing (at least to my own standards) just doesn't exist in my typical day, or, at least I don't want to make it exist.

I have set up a tumblr:


this is where i will share obscure showtune related videos I come accross, etc. and perhaps do some light opinion prose writing, though not necessarily--in fact, most likely not--devoted to theater. 

Thanks for reading, whoever you are.