28 January 2009


So I've been listening to a lot of submissions over the past 36 hours for an event I'm putting together that is (tentatively) titled ADDRESS. For those of you who saw--or intended to see-MUSEUM PIECES last year, this will seem similar...except with addresses instead of art. One of the pleasent surprises in my inbox was this song, written for Museum Pieces last year. (Rather tricky for a team to resubmit using a song they wrote last year...but I'll take it.) This is the last 1/3 of a piece inspired by the painting "Improvisation":

The piece began with 3 colors (Red, Yellow, and Blue) debating the goals and purpose of visual art. Out of their arguments spring other colors (Green, Purple, etc) ending in a swirl of color/sounds. This track starts with the end of Red's soliloquy and goes into the multi-hued finale. Not sure who did recorded these tracks, though it seems that David Andrew Anderson and Blake Whyte reprise their roles of Red and Green, respectively. Embeded below, or available here.

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