10 January 2009

Old News is Good News

I've been kinda obsessed with this song since I saw it in London.  At one point, when I was in the Berkshires, someone put this on at a party (clearly wanting to wow everyone with the ferocity that happens in this video at the 1m30s mark).  Sadly, the rest of the party was less interested in hearing show tunes (I actually believe they were fronting...because only an undying love of musical theater would bring you to Pittsfield MA) and someone went to change the ipod and I tried to tackle him.  That's right, I tried to TACKLE some one.  Like they do in that football game I hear so much about this time of year.  I was not, for the record, successful.  Luckily, you are now able to appreciate this free of obstruction.   

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