05 June 2010

"Sing Happy" on YouTube

My FLORA kick continues, and since its too hot to move (even though I NEED to go to Trader Joe's STAT), I have found a bunch of other people singing "Sing Happy" (though I still prefer Ms. Bilkenstaff's, especially when she goes up on "give me a hallelujah and get up and shout"--side note, I would LOVE to see her do NEXT TO NORMAL).

Amy Wolk--she's quite engaging, and doesn't indulge at the top, which I appreciate.

A nice "Manhattan Transfer-esque" (I'm sure these groups HATE being compared to Manhattan Transfer, just as puppeteers hate being compared to Julie Taymor) ensemble at Signature in VA. 

Here's a tween known only as Maggie.  You know, because of all that heartache and stuff.  Her voice cracks around 2m40s.  It's endearing.

Kiara Sasso, from a Rio de Janeiro production of "The World Goes 'Round", in what I presume to be Portugese

A boy!  With a great name (Sterns Matthews).  I love the tone of his voice, and he goes up on "give me a hallelujah and get up and shout"!!!

And a bootleg recording from a very, how shall i put this, enthusiastic and ardent fan on Eden Espinosa, from when Eden did it at reprise.  I guess she started the whole, going up on "give me a hallelujah and get up and shout" thing.  She also added some questionable-for-the-periord-but-it-doesn't-matter-because-it's-a-concert-and-we-all-know-theater-in-LA-is-fake-anyway riffing.  The video itself--which is a still of the fan and Eden plus some commentary--is amazing in its own right.  Warning, the sound quality is not that great.

If you've watched all of these, I'm most impressed.  I really thought I'd only have 3 or maaaaaybe 4.  And there are actually videos I watched and didn't post. 

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