04 June 2010

more FLORA

Here is a clip from a 1997 Kander/Ebb documentary about the creation of FLORA.  It is most notable for featuring clips of Liza singing "All I Need is One Big Break" and "Sing Happy" via the Ed Sullivan Show.  (These clips used to be online via bluegobo.com, but some damned lawyer got his undies in a twist and had all Ed Sullivan clips taken down.  I would understand if these clips were available for purchase, and would gladly pay to see them, but they're not so now, basically, no one can see them.  Ass hole.)  They recount what could be an interesting anecdote about working with Mr. Abbott, but, unfortunately, I can't understand the key phrase of the anecdote.  It sounds something like "We were out of town [yada yada] and Fred had this idea the none of it cottonted(?!?!), and he believed in it."  Whatever that means.  Anyway, watch for the clips of young Liza.  She's 19. 

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