09 June 2010

Patti LuPone at Les Mouches

I was never a Patti person.  I never hated her, but I never worshiped her.  And her obnoxious behavior during GYPSY--the way she acted so victimized that she only won 1 Tony or something--weakened my feeling about her.  But after winning a copy of the recording of "Patti LuPone at Les Mouches"--thanks to Adam Rothenberg at Adaumbelle's Quest--my thoughts are changing.  Obviously, I always loved her Evita and, even more, The Baker's Wife.  And I would give my left nut to go back in time to see her as Rosamund in The Robber Bridegroom (opposite then boyfriend Kevin Kline).  But her Les Mouches act--an act she did on 11th Ave on Saturday evenings, after finishing Evita for the week--is astounding.  She is, clearly, in good voice, and at that critical level of musical excellence and borderline indulgence, without crossing hte line, as I feel she has a tendency to do nowadays.  I may not be a full, card carrying, member of the Church of Patti, but I wish the Gideons would leave a copy of this CD room in hotel room nightstands.  Somehow there exists some video footage of the act on youtube--filmed.  Please watch, and/or KeepVid, while you can.  Embedding seems to be disabled, but click on the song titles for wonderful renditions of "Meadowlark", "Rainbow High", "Don't Cry for Me Argentina"--renditions good enough to merit hearing these songs again, even if you think you can't--followed by "Look to the Rainbow" leading into "Superman"

Watch, enjoy, then get the CD

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