14 September 2009


The most shocking bit of Broadway news in awhile is the recent announcement that AVENUE Q, set to close this weekend, will instead re-open at NEW WORLD STAGES off-Broadway.  NEW WORLD STAGES, as a venue, is rather curious--shows either go there to die (ROOMS, FLAMINGO COURT, SIDD) or live forever (ALTAR BOYS, NAKED BOYS SINGING, GAZILLION BUBBLE SHOW).  I'm curious (as are well all) as to which category AVE Q finds itself.  And what will it mean for the worth of a show's "Broadway" status?  After all, many people come into town and they want to see a BROADWAY show.  An off-Broadway show just isn't going to fill that niche.  But can a show's Broadway reputation and branding follow it elsewhere?  It certainly does on the road, why not in NYC?  Though it also raises a few potentially ethical issues:  Off-Broadway actors make less than a third of those on Broadway, but will the producers see their cut diminish to that extreme?  Regardless, it is a fascinating experiment, and I look forward to seeing how it plays out in the months--and years--to come.

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