07 July 2008

Bric a Brac, Live from CT

Some random pics I took with my camera in and around The O'Neill. 1st, a picture of Mr. O'Neill himself. This hangs in the pub. Does anything strike you as unusual?

Maybe you'll see it if I zoom in...

Next, is a picture I can't really explain. I passed the window with this last Monday as a large group of people tried to have a good time on a Monday Night in New London CT. We failed.

And finally, a nice thing. One of the actresses from the 1st show (Myth) was the Radio in Caroline or Change on Broadway (she's the one in the middle):

Anyway, when the music assistant and I realized she was in Caroline, we freaked out. She was apparently amused by our enthusiasm because when she went back to The City on her day off, she brought us the pencils she received as an Opening Night Gift for their Broadway bow. Wasn't that nice?

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