29 November 2009

YouTube Delights - Judy Garland, Liza Minelli, Diana Ross

Some non-sequitors.  I stumbled upon this life clip of Judy and Young Liza at London's Palladium singing "Hello, Dolly", or, as the case may be, "Hello Liza, Hello Mamma".  These are some talented dames.  And as young and "fresh" as Liza is, she radiates that certain star quality.


In looking through the users other YouTube videos (hoping for more from this concert) I instead found this clip of Diana Ross singing "He Lives in You" (as in, the song from the Broadway LION KING).  Apparently she recorded it in 1999.  It's actually quite fabulous.  and she does well by it.

Here is another, less opulant, performance of the name number by Ross.  The more initmate presentation is better vocally, but not as much fun.

1 comment:

  1. Liza and Judy together is MAGIC! What a pity life didn't allow us to enjoy them a little longer...Unique! I don't think there's another case of mother and daughter with such spectacular voices, strength, vibrant emotions, scene dominium, joy, life to make us smile forever listening them.