14 August 2009

The Very Next Man

I always love finding good performances of Bock and Harnick (my favorite Golden Era songwriters) tunes on YouTube. Finding videos of FIORELLO!, TENDERLOIN and ROTHCHILDS is not always easy/possible, but this morning I did discover a charming rendition of "The Very Next Man" (one of my favorite songs of theirs) by a Katie Karel. I believe this is a production at Stephen's College and the production values are quite nice. The staging may be a bit busy/on the nose, but I give anyone doing a production of FIORELLO! mad props.

By the way, the less offensive alternate to the original "and if he likes me/what does it matter if he strikes me" lyric begins at 2m35s

And, because I'm feeling generous (and because it is SO thrilling), you can listen to/download Patricia Wilson from the Original Cast Recording here Oh why has she not been in more?

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