14 June 2009

NIGHT MUSIC Casting Game

So it looks like this NIGHT MUSIC revival is actually happening, and it's about freakin' time. Of course, my ideal A LITTLE NIGHT MUSIC revival would be directed by Bartlett Sher at presented at Lincoln Center, or even Circle in the Square...some sort of thrust space. I, in fact, have a few reservations about a Trev-Trev production. But at the very least, the mere announcement of its arrival allows us to play "Who should be in it?" God, how disheartening would it be if they pulled a SUNDAY IN THE PARK WITH GEORGE and brought over the capable but unknown British cast?

So, to begin, I think it's safe to assume that Alex Gemignani is going to be in it. Because he gets to be an any NY Sondheim production. Is he too old for Henrick? Too young for Fredrick? Would he be willing to play a Leidersinger? I don't know. But he'll be there.

As for possible Fredricks, I would love to see Mark Jacoby in the role. Or Michael Cerveris. James Barbour? (Though, is he legally allowed to be around a Fredricka-aged actress?) I actually think Victor Garber is really boring, but people like to cast him, because he was on ALIAS. Or Gregg Edelman/Rene Auberjenois.

Mark Kudish has to play Count-Magnus

The SWEENEY revival's Benjamin Magnuson seems a decent Henrick, since we know he can already play the cello. Or some recent musical theater BFA.

For some reason I'm assuming Ashley Osnes is going to play Anne, and, provided she has the top notes, she'll be fine. Laura Benanti's too old, right?

Leslie Kritzer as Petra!!!!!!!!! *see note below

I would give just about anything to have Angela Lansbury play Mme. Armfelt. If that doesn't pan out, Carole Shelly would be great. Does Elizabeth Ashley sing? Because she could be interesting. Or what abut Phylicia Rashad? Harriet Harris, or is she too young!

I wish I had seen Randy Graff's Charlotte a few years back at Kennedy Center. Would it be a demotion for Allison Janney? Probably, but she'd be great. Maybe this is where Harriet Harris should go, or is she too old? Nancy Opel? Hows about Alice Ripley?

But who will be Desiree? Michelle Pawk would actually be my first choice, but she usually is (and there she shall remain until it actually happens). Toni Collette would be suitably amazing. Donna Murphy, natch. Christine Ebersole might lack a certain gravitas I associate with the role, but I would love to hear her asides in "You Must Meet My Wife". Christine Baranski? (I'm actually kind of over her, but maybe this could change my mind again).

I could play this game forever, and possibly will, or at least until I get further update from playbill.com

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