05 June 2009

Watch this...

...when no one is around to watch you LOVE it. Here's an a capella choir from Slovenia singing "Africa" (a song, though fairly ubiquitous, I'm fairly certain I have never heard from start to finish before). It starts off with the members creating a thunderstorm using their hands. It then explodes into a very satisfying arrangement which is only missing the context of being performed bu a bunch of misfits who find out about life by singing, thanks to the expert tutelage of some famous actor. It starts with a slightly pitch 1st verse, 2nd verse adds a great descant, then there's a fun bridge after the 2nd chorus, a cute guy around 5min, and it ends with a soloist offering an empowered response to the chorus in the tradition of the meek "Cherish him" singer in SISTER ACT. And then a little more "rain" for shits.

So I was just going to link to the below, but after watching it I realized it deserved a more featured status. I have serious doubts about the musical version of SISTER ACT (which is set in the 1970s) now playing in the West End. Because this number is so perfectly executed (thanks to the brilliant arrangement by Marc Shaiman), I can't imagine an original--disco infused--song by Alan Menkin doing the trick. The way it manages to incorporate the quirks of the featured nuns, the way its relative simplicity makes the premise seem plausible, the way it ingratiates itself into your head upon listening...who could ask for anything more?

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