30 June 2009

Perviously at The O'Neill

My friend Lowy (also at The O'Neill with me) directed me to this video on IN THE HEIGHT's time here. Pretty interesting if you have even a passing interest in the show (or The Eugene O'Neill Theater Center in Waterford CT)

from the info section:
This video is for the Heights superfans. Here are some home videos of our two weeks developing In The Heights at the O'Neill Theater Center in July 2005.

Some choice nuggets of cut songs, and old friends.

Our cast at the O'Neill:

Usnavi . . . Javier Munoz
Nina . . . Natalie Cortez
Benny . . . Chris Jackson
Vanessa . . . Sheena Ortiz
Kevin . . . Rick Negron
Camila . . . Nancy Ticotin
Daniela . . . Monica Salazar
Carla . . . Janet Dacal
Abuela Claudia . . . Doreen Montalvo
Sonny . . . Robin DeJesus
Graffiti Pete/Piragua Guy . . . Matt Saldivar

and Huey Dunbar as the late, great Lincoln!

Also appearing: Alex Lacamoire, Bill Sherman, Quiara Hudes, Thomas Kail, Doug Hinrichs on drums.

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