15 February 2010

Cake, or It Takes a Village

I didn't realize until recently that I know a lot of people who know a lot about cake. But when it became clear that the 30 frosted cakes the run of Transport Group's BOYS IN THE BAND requires would be my problem, I began to assemble my small army of cake experts. A list of everyone who has been involved (I'm writing this on my blackberry during the show, so no links or images):

1) Katya Schapiro-baker and blogger. She answered my first panicked email on this subject with via gchat and made me realize that it IS possible to make 30 cakes, that you can reeze them before icing, and that some icings don't require refrigeration.

2) Peiyi Wong-set designer (asst on BOYS), roommate and former cookie lady assistant. She talked me through some practicalities and contacted her former boss (the aforementioned cookie lady) who lent me 4 cake pans (which Peiyi picked up). Also offered advice throughout this process.

3) The cookie lady-lady who makes cookies. See above.

4) Ali Marts-former college roommate, actress turned pastry chef, life saver. Ali made 18 cake rounds on a super tight budget (this is a non-profit we're dealing with). She also gave me a lesson in cake icing (as I have to ice the cakes at the space for every show).

5) Wendy Patten-BOYS PSM (I am the SM). Picked up 15 jars of icing from a Stop N Shop in White Plains. Will buy "nice cake" for gala opening

6) Susan Horowitz-Teacher. Help carry still warm plates to Ali's car today so I could get home in time to come to the theater for today's rehearsal/performance.

How it works: each night we use 1/2 a cake. During the 2nd act I frost the next day's cake as the current days cake is being consumed. The cake I frost during the show is comprised of the un-used half cake from the previous performance plus a frozen cake half. It. Has white vanilla frosting with green trim. Starting Wed it will also say "Happy Birthday" (or possibly even "Happy Birthday Harold").

Visit http://www.TransportGroup.org for ticket info so you can see these cakes (and the fabulous play around it).


  1. So happy to have been of help. You should write step by step manual and self-publish the pamphlet for others in your situation.

  2. I love the image of you icing nightly.