26 September 2009

more KRISTINA videos

William Goldman is oft credited as coining the phrase--as it relates to the theater (and film) "Nobody knows anything."  Though part of me want to give a Bev Weston monologue about how everyone has thought that, but William Goldman wrote it down, I (a) respect Mr. Goldman and (b) agree.  Case in point, after more or less sleeping through KRISTINA, I have nevertheless become OBSESSED with it's leading lady (Helen Sjöholm), and the few but notable other highlights of the show.  Even after seeing a show, I do not necessarily know what kind of effect it will have on me, let alone the rest of the world.  Does this mean perhaps a Broadway production is looming?  I would be surprised.  Very surprised.  But you never know. 

Some videos I found this morning.

From a concert done in Minnosota.  In the original Swedish, with English subtitles.  To be honest, I prefer it this way.

From that same concert, the song someone's brother sings after he comes back from the California Gold Rush "a broken man".  I forgot to mention this number in my previous post, but it was actually quite effective at C Hall.

Here's another Swedish version of "You Have to Be There" (or, in Swedish, "Du Maste Finnas").  This is from the mid-90s (when the show was actually new), and I think she sounds the best of all the clips I've seen.  Though I have to say, her voice really rang out something special live. 

Another song Kristina sings, from that same concert.  I'm not sure when this happens in the show.  But it's lovely.  And the Minnesotans find it very moving, apparently. 

And finally, a bootleg of Lady Sjöholm the performance I caught at Carnegie Hall.  The video quality is not great (his seat was even worse than mine), and the sound leaves much to be desired as well, but it only seems fair to give at least of glimpse of the very thing I've been talking about for the past two days.  Though it makes horribly things happen with the mic on this guy's camera (i.e. be prepared to turn the volume down real fast), check out the audience response.  And, for the record, her red dress was stunning.


A gold star to anyone who have actually listened, in full, to all 5 versions I have shared between both KRISTINA posts.   More MN Concert clips, and Cardegie clips can be found here (at least, for now).

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