25 July 2009

Still Thinking About Variety Shows...

...this time about Julie, rather than Judy. In 1972/73 Julie Andrews had what it seems most people who could carry a tune and/or owned character shoes had, a short lived variety show. Though THE JULIE ANDREWS HOUR seemed to be well recevied in some circles--receiving Emmy Awards in 1973 for Outstanding Variety Musical Series and Outstanding Directorial Achievement in Variety or Music--ABC cancelled it not long thereafter. I'm assuming by that point the bloom was off the rose for the Variety Show in general, and Andrews' biggest successes were several years behind her.

This first clip is a medly of Cass Elliot hits sung with Mama Cass herself. I've always loved Cass' voice, and it pairs quite nicely with Andrews' perfect soprano.

Here's a clip of Andrews with the real Maria Von Trapp. The laugh track is quite offensive, but Von Trapp is adorable as she teaches Andrews how to yodel!

Here is an epic compilation video. I haven't actually watched all of it, but the best part is at the top, a bizzarre production number out of "I'm Late". There are many men in rabbit costumes. Again I say, variety shows are WEIRD.

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