17 June 2008

I'm Here

So it seems like this internet thing might be a good forum for sharing some misadventures at The O'Neill (especially since the experience may prove too all-consuming to allow for other wit and wisdom). Of course, I just had to sign a waiver saying I won't comment on any of the shows or the performances on the internets. Also, I'm not allowed to bang an intern. Actors, writers, and staff are, apparently, fair game. Maybe I have to sign that waiver tomorrow. I have a feeling "Dallas 1" (because I met 2 guys named Dallas within 30 minutes of arriving) did not give me all the information about being here I should've. For example, he dropped me off at my building, said i was on the 3rd floor. Neglected a big one: the bathrooms. I found one--and only one--bathroom on my floor. It had showers...with glass doors. Am I to presume it's a co-ed bathroom? There is no marking to indicate otherwise, and the floor is co-ed. In any case, I peed, but put the seat down. I should probably find out about the shower thing, lest some unsuspecting female get a recreation of that Kevin Bacon scene in Wild Things

Here is a picture of my room:

Yes. It is a dorm. I have my laptop hooked up to an internet cable. I have ugly, boxy furniture. I opened up iTunes and saw shared music from 3 people I've never seen before (2 of whom are named Katie).

As I finish this post, I realize making it a "what I did on a summer vacation" could become a one-way-trip to EmilyGouldtown.
Fear not. In all honesty, I probably will spend most of the summer talking about Mad Men. But every now and then I might post a picture of the dorm room I am living in (which is currently twice as big as my Brooklyn bedroom).

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  1. Dear Donald,

    You and your blog have all my heart. One of descriptions of the shows on that site rings major bells, so you'll have to tell me why. Good luck, and fuck that Donald, fuck or get fucked by a fucking intern.

    Love ya.